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This afternoon, a friend of mine hosted a swap party at her apartment.  The rules are to bring in items to donate and pick up items to go home.  I brought in 11 items of clothing to donate so I was able to “shop” for 11 items of anything.  For today’s swap party, all of the girls brought in a total of 200+ items!  Since everyone brought in so many things to share, I was able to “shop” for more than what I brought it.

Here is my collection of what I brought back home:

One shoulder Cheeta dress

Pea coat with tags still attached 🙂

Ruffle top and black pencil skirt

Wet Seal hi lo tee with tags still attached

I’ve always wanted this dress! 🙂 Worn only once!

Brand new earrings, bracelet, and a packet of nail art!  Can’t wait to use it on Angie!

Opened game box but game materials still unopened




Finals week is here!  I am not as crazy as the usual because I got most of the finals junk out of the way!  weee!

Last Thursday was my 21st birthday and boy did it go well (it was AWESOME) to the point my guts cleared out.  No more 21 for me ok? Okay!  I wanted to go to the bar/dance club with my friends on Saturday night but many of them weren’t here over the weekend so I stayed in and took shots of sprite playing President and Asshoe.  Here are some stuff I got from my birthday (my friends totally rock by the way!):

I am back, again~

I have spent the last 4 days in Los Angeles, CA and I am now home again in the cold ol’ Minnesota.  I decided to go to LA just to see Jay Chou.  I’ve been wanting to attend a Jay Chou concert since I was a little gal in the 8th grade and here I am now, a 20 year old on a mission!  I finally got to see Jay Chou live with bad concert seats and then cried and laughed at the same time while dancing to his songs from afar.  I did have a good time, I loved every moment with Jay and sung from the bottom of my heart along with Jay!  This was definitely a dream come true for me.  Although I had a great time, there was 2 things that bothered me:

1) Concert started late by about 30 minutes.
2) 2 guys told me to sit down because they couldn’t see Jay performing on stage, isn’t that why screens were invented?

I did get a chance to video record some of his performances but I wish to not share it here… hahaha, that’s because all you can hear is my voice with bad Chinese therefore here are some (blurry) pictures that I took:

I think that if Jay does another concert in the US, I will definitely sit FRONT ROW~  I felt so sad when he was walking along the front row 😦  Did anyone else attend Jay Chou’s The Era tour?  What was your favorite performance?

Fun thing of the day:

I auditioned to be a mannequin for the Gee video… but I couldn’t control my face.  😦 As if I really did~

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5. Plastic Surgery

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5. Possible Life as the Wife of a Rockstar

Here is my last batch of photos from China~

I never heard of the last name “韓” before and I didn’t realize that Han is Han Geng’s last name.  That’s because everyone calls him Hankyung, so I just thought that is his first part of this name.  Now I know… and I also know that he is the most amazing China-man (well trailing behind Hu Ge).

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