This afternoon, a friend of mine hosted a swap party at her apartment.  The rules are to bring in items to donate and pick up items to go home.  I brought in 11 items of clothing to donate so I was able to “shop” for 11 items of anything.  For today’s swap party, all of the girls brought in a total of 200+ items!  Since everyone brought in so many things to share, I was able to “shop” for more than what I brought it.

Here is my collection of what I brought back home:

One shoulder Cheeta dress

Pea coat with tags still attached 🙂

Ruffle top and black pencil skirt

Wet Seal hi lo tee with tags still attached

I’ve always wanted this dress! 🙂 Worn only once!

Brand new earrings, bracelet, and a packet of nail art!  Can’t wait to use it on Angie!

Opened game box but game materials still unopened