I am back, again~

I have spent the last 4 days in Los Angeles, CA and I am now home again in the cold ol’ Minnesota.  I decided to go to LA just to see Jay Chou.  I’ve been wanting to attend a Jay Chou concert since I was a little gal in the 8th grade and here I am now, a 20 year old on a mission!  I finally got to see Jay Chou live with bad concert seats and then cried and laughed at the same time while dancing to his songs from afar.  I did have a good time, I loved every moment with Jay and sung from the bottom of my heart along with Jay!  This was definitely a dream come true for me.  Although I had a great time, there was 2 things that bothered me:

1) Concert started late by about 30 minutes.
2) 2 guys told me to sit down because they couldn’t see Jay performing on stage, isn’t that why screens were invented?

I did get a chance to video record some of his performances but I wish to not share it here… hahaha, that’s because all you can hear is my voice with bad Chinese therefore here are some (blurry) pictures that I took:

I think that if Jay does another concert in the US, I will definitely sit FRONT ROW~  I felt so sad when he was walking along the front row 😦  Did anyone else attend Jay Chou’s The Era tour?  What was your favorite performance?