I’m back!   Back to wordpress… back from the Korean Music Festival (KMF)!  I wanted blog right away about the concert but I was caught up with textbooks (since next week is finals).  I traveled about 1,926 mi, more or less, to Hollywood this past weekend for the KMF.  Hollywood itself was the strangest place on earth: crowded with locals, tourists, and weirdos.

I don’t know if I really like Hollywood or California but I sure did like the KMF.  Honestly, I don’t remember much about the concert, even when 2PM appeared, it was like I was watching youtube.  I just wished the music was more live.  I feel like everyone was doing a karaoke performance with back up vocals.  Going to a concert means live music, that’s why it’s a concert and not another Mnet performance.  What sucked the most was that the speakers sucked like shit.  I heard the people around me sing and talk louder than the performers.  In other words, the club plays louder music than the KMF.  The show was very long (about 5 hours) and I didn’t know majority of the artists but it was still entertaining to watch.  The strange thing I found was the fans wasn’t really enthusiastic.  Even when the screen had lyrics to sing along, people bothered with chatting amongst themselves than singing.  If I could read Korean I would have been enjoying my time 😀

Here are a few of the awful pictures I took after the cut-