I originally wrote this post about Joe Cheng’s (郑元畅) debut song that can be viewed here, but I’ll just make a quick note about it: Is it just me who can’t take our “Jiang Zhi Shu” seriously as a singer???

Ok, now for the real deal!  SJM finally released their teaser.  This whole week I have been tailgating SJM but nothing new besides more pics and a teaser (yay)!  China is very good at leaking out albums… so can you please leak the album out yet!?  I promise I will buy the album!

SJM- Super Girl
In the song they say “我是你的SUPERMAN/wo shi ni de SUPERMAN” meaning I am your SUPERMAN!  ❤  Yes you are!

I feel like I won’t be getting any homework done if they keep on lookin’ this good!  If you take the screen cap please credit http://www.xiongqing.wordpress.com, for promo pics go here.