During my stay in China I never ran across any Super Junior- M pepsi advertisement until I went to Qing Dao.  The only thing they had of SJ-M there was the bus stop billboard that I posted here.  When I left China on Monday I didn’t get a chance to look for the SJ-M pepsi bottles in Shanghai, however when I was in the airplane on my way back to the states, the flight attendent was serving pepsi out of the SJ-M bottles!  WAHHhh~  That totally made my day and made my flight back home much faster!  I even asked to keep the bottle and she asked what do I like about it.  I just replied that I like the design (I meant to say the Asian guys on the bottle are super sexy)!  Finally, I have the bottle in my hands and displayed on my desk.


My trip in China has officially ended.  Although I only stayed in China for about 7 weeks, I feel that I had lived in China for a year and became a local in almost all of the cities that I stayed in.  Even though my memories in China are mostly dominated about the rude people and the crappy servies, I would hands down go back to China again.  It is such a fun, lively and exciting country.  China is an experience that I would never forget!  Thinking about China, I already miss talking in Chinese and buying cheap food!  Hopefully I will return to this country in the future.

Here are some of my favorite memories of China:

Climbing the Great Wall of China
Shopping in a corner store with excessive Jay Chou food & drinks 

Visiting the Terracada Warriors
Eating kimchi dumplings
The Xi’An nightlife

Qing Dao
Beer Street

Downtown Pu Dong