When I have 7 days left in China, I find out that wordpress is no longer blocked from Chinese internet, why is it like this!?  I could have been blogging about my trip the whole time, instead I wrote two previous blogs about Korean fashion in China!~

Anyways I have been trying to get a hold of the SJ-M pepsi bottles but I can’t manage to find one… does it not exist?  However I found this advertisement when I took a friend to the dentist:

I don’t really like this photo, Kyuhyun looks like a big sad kid and Hangeng’s pose is so random!  The worst of all is Jolin in this ad~ … but Donghae looks very sexy with his long hair!  Oh yes, I also ran across this in Qingdao:

DONG HAI road… I wonder if Donghae have gone to this part of China yet!

Ahhh… I will miss the crazy nights in Qingdao and the awkward TaiQi classes.