It’s Ching live from China! Right now I am currently staying in Qingdao studying Chinese language and culture. Qingdao in contrast to the other cities that I have been to, is by far one of my favorite Chinese cities (that is until I go to Shanghai)!

I like my classes so far, I wish that I will get to know my classmates before I leave Qingdao in three weeks. There are two Korean girls in my class that I especially like talking to. There is so much I want to ask them about Korea but I feel awful asking so much dumb random crap, such as Friday’s conversation:

“Does Korea have squatters? If no, what kind of toilets do you have? Does it flush the same way? How does the flushing handle look?”

Hey, I am only trying to familiarize myself with Korea so that when I marry Kyuhyun, I know how to adapt! The strangest thing about one of the Korean girls is that she reminds me of Sungmin. They both look nothing a like, but how they talk, do things and express themselves are so similar! This would be considered as a complement right? Sungmin is rather very pretty and angelic! Since we only use Chinese to converse with each other, I think she said that I talk too loud… I don’t even know what she meant or if she really said that, but I talk too loud? Rwar, you talk too quiet like Sungmin! (btw, Sungmin is guy)

I don’t have H1N1! I am a perfectly healthy American!